Estate Planning Presentation for Families and Professionals

Would you like to know exactly what estate planning is? Think you don’t need estate planning? Do you serve clients who need estate planning?

Palm Desert Law Group, APC attorney, Pantea I. Fozouni, offers complimentary educational estate planning basics presentations. This informative session will:

  • Learn why estate planning really is for everyone, regardless of how many financial resources you have.
  • Find out how to prevent a court from having to supervise your children’s inheritance and then handing them your wealth at 18!
  • Get the peace of mind knowing what would happen to your assets after you died
  • Help you determine what your next best steps are to be sure your taken care of in the best way possible, and the best decisions would be made for you, if you become incapacitated.
  • Walk away with total assurance and comfort of knowing that your family would be taken care of and what to do if something happened to you

Pantea can tailor a general presentation about estate planning for your group or co-workers today.

Plus, at the end of the presentation, Pantea will give away a free gift!

2 Free Reports
No Time For Mistakes
Learn the 6 Major Mistakes Families & Business Owners Make When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney… and How to Make a Loving Choice for Your Family.
Learn the 11 Expensive Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make… and How to Save Yourself a Boatload on Legal Fees by Not Making Them.