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Whether you are interested in estate planning or business planning services, contact us or conveniently schedule a consultation online now at the most convenient time for you. We see clients Tuesday through Friday. Our goal is to make the process simple and convenient for you.

Your Family Wealth Planning Session

Your personal Family Wealth Planning Session is designed to help you understand exactly what would happen to your loved ones under your current estate plan if anything were to happen to you. By knowing exactly what would happen to your family without further planning, you will be empowered to make the right decisions for them and create a plan that will fully meet all of their needs.

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LIFT Your Business Audit Session

The LIFT (Legal, Insurance, Financial, and Tax) Foundation Audit is designed to help us understand where your business is now, where it is going in the future and what the gaps are that could keep you from getting there. Because the needs of our business clients are highly sensitive and specialized, we only work with a select number of businesses at any given time.

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No Time For Mistakes
Learn the 6 Major Mistakes Families & Business Owners Make When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney… and How to Make a Loving Choice for Your Family.
Learn the 11 Expensive Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make… and How to Save Yourself a Boatload on Legal Fees by Not Making Them.