Insurance Says I Love You — Really!


Yep, you read that right – insurance really does say I love you. You have insurance because you love your family, your partners, your clients, and ultimately yourself. Let me explain.

When you have the right types and amounts of insurance, you can relax knowing that if something comes up, it will be handled.

As a business owner, you need to consider general business insurance, professional liability insurance, employment practices insurance, special events insurance, and more. You also need to consider personal lines of insurance, including insurance to care for your home, your vehicles, your income, and, most importantly, to insure your life to care for your family and partner should anything happen to you.

It can be very easy to be persuaded to buy too much insurance or the wrong kind of insurance by high pressure insurance sales people who get paid big commissions or conversely to not get enough or overlook an important type of insurance because the insurance professional you are working with is more of an order taker than a consultant or advisor.

We will support you to get just the right amount and type of insurance in place by recommending a trusted insurance advisor if you do not already have one, reviewing what you already do have in place, and being the trusted counselor you can turn to for an objective, third party review of your coverage – we do not get paid a commission on your insurance, so you can trust our unbiased guidance.

During our LIFT Foundation Audit, we will review your insurance policies and either confirm you are set up with the right amounts and types of insurance or make recommendations if there are holes. During our LIFT Start-Up Session, we will discuss insurance, so you know what you need and who to contact to get it all set up correctly.