Kids Protection Seminar

In the free Kids Protection Seminar, you will learn how to know your kids would always be raised by people you want in the way you want and have immediate, protected access to your money.

  • How to keep your family out of court (which is long, expensive, public, does not pass your assets easily and is totally unnecessary)
  • How to prevent a court from having to supervise your children’s inheritance and then handing them your wealth at 18
  • Why naming legal guardians in your Will is just not enough to keep your children out of the care of strangers or someone you would not want to care for them
  • How to choose guardians for your children and not make any of the six common mistakes parents and lawyers make when naming guardians
  • How to put your financial house in order and keep it that way
  • Confirm you are making smart financial choices about saving for college; keeping your money safe; and buying life insurance
  • Ensure your kids and spouse are taken care of…no matter what
  • Learn the secrets to protecting your kids’ assets from lawsuits and divorce

By the end of the seminar, parents will have a clear plan of action to ensure their children when the unexpected happen. Pantea will guide them to take charge and fulfill their responsibility for their children’s well-being and care, always.

Plus, at the end of the seminar, Pantea will give away a free gift!

2 Free Reports
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